24 July 2016

Journalism & Women Symposium: Diversify Your Panel

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In the NewsRecent News l 17 April, 2016
New Yorker cartoon portrays a group of men addressing an audience. The caption: “The subject of tonight’s discussion is: why are there no women on this panel?”
The subject of tonight's discussion is: why are there no women on this panel? - New Yorker Cartoon Premium Giclee Print
David Sipress
The lack of women or people of color on panels is a problem across virtually all professions.
But the Journalism and Women Symposium wants to address this issue when it comes to panels discussing issues of importance to journalists.
We will help panel organizers find expert women journalists to participate in their panels aimed at other journalists or the public.
If you’re looking to diversify your panel, please fill out this form detailing the location, the subject matter, the date and time and other information about your panel. JAWS will use our member database to suggest and provide contact information for potential panelists.
(We also encourage those seeking more diverse panelists to check out http://diversify.journalismwith.me/)
Why is this important? Part of the mission of Journalism and Women Symposium is a “more accurate portrayal of the whole society.”
We believe that should be the mission of any journalist. If we don’t reflect that broad audience, we may lack empathy for others and the issues they face. And our broader audience will not see themselves reflected in our work.
So next time you look around and see that there are no women on your panel, don’t just ask why and let it go. Ask JAWS and, with our hundreds of members, we’ll help you diversify your panel.
CONTACT: Sandra Fish
Email: sandrafish@comcast.net
Phone: 303-589-0584

(Source: http://www.jaws.org/news/in-the-news/diversify-your-panel/)

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