Rates and Policies

Standard Hourly Rate:     $45
Discounted Student Rates:
          Undergraduate:      $15
          Graduate:               $25
          Doctoral:                 $35
Senior Citizen / Disabled: $15
Nonprofit / NGO               $30

Contract: Absolutely no services shall commence until the contract has been signed by both parties. (See sample contract below.)

Retainer:  A deposit of between four to ten hours of work, depending on the initially assessed complexity.  Retainer will be used for the first specified hours billed, and when exhausted, new hours will be billed.

Expedited Work:  Any work commissioned within two weeks of being needed shall be billed at 133% of the hourly rate.  Services commissioned within one week of services’ need will be billed at 200% the hourly rate.  All work needed within four weeks shall require a ten-hour retainer - five-hour retainer for discounted clients, and no services will commence until full retainer payment.

Turn-Around Time: Unless expressly agreed-upon, clients should expect a minimum turn-around time of 48 hours.

Sample Contract

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