AWS & Sustainability

Aggie Writing Services has earned Green Business Certification by the Green Business Network and Green America.  We are very proud of this, and hopeful we can teach others how something as elementary as writing can be sustainable, and provide sustainable mutual benefits for related activities, as well.

Aggie Writing Services (“AWS”) is a dedicated practitioner of the Triple-Bottom Line, defined by the Sustainability Dictionary as, “an addition of social and environmental values to the traditional economic measures of a corporation or organization’s success. Triple-Bottom Line accounting attempts to describe the social and environmental impact of an organization’s activities, in a measurable way, to its economic performance in order to show improvement or to make evaluation more in-depth.”

Along with traditional bottom-line considerations, AWS takes into account related equity and environmental affairs in our operations; thereby, only achieving profit in an ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Regarding equity, AWS provides its services at discounted rates for the elderly, disabled, and students, as well as, provided complimentary to low-income clients, and primary education students.  AWS is a proud member of Green America’s “Green Business Network,” and a certified "Green Business."  Lastly, 5% of proceeds are donated to 826National–a non-profit funding creative writing and tutoring centers in urban areas, providing local school districts with needed resources at no cost. 

Environmentally, AWS uses energy-efficient (EnergyStar) laser printers with soy-based ink, and our pens, highlighters and paper supplies are 100% recycled products, all from National Green Pages businesses.  AWS is powered with electricity from 100% renewable resources–such as hydropower and wind–from the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. 
Everything at AWS is recycled, whether through municipal programs, or other e-waste providers recognized by CalRecycle.  An additional 5% of proceeds is also donated to the Carbon Fund, an international non-profit helping offset emissions.  All donations are made in the client’s name, not AWS, allowing clients use of these tax deduction.

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