02 September 2016

Aggie Writing Services Joins the "Divest/Invest" Campaign

Join the global movement accelerating the clean energy transition.
Divest from the past. Invest in the future.

In consideration of our commitment to sustainability, Aggie Writing Services is proud to take part in the "Divest/Invest" campaign, with major sponsorship by the American Sustainable Business Council.

Join us in taking the Divest/Invest pledge, and finding more information at ASBC's Divest/Invest webpage.

I pledge to explore how my business can divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean and equitable energy solutions. My business looks forward to joining and supporting public and private institutions taking the same action.
1. My business will make no new investments in the top 200 oil, gas, and coal companies.
2. My business will sell* my existing assets tied to these oil, gas, and coal investments within three to five years and begin investing in fossil free financial instruments.
3. My business will invest in a sustainable and equitable new energy economy.
4. As a business owner, I will reach out to institutions, such as pension funds, universities and foundations, that I have relationships with and encourage them to divest any fossil fuel investments in their portfolios.
*Retaining small shares in oil, gas, and coal companies to engage in shareholder advocacy does not violate your pledge. Assets over which you do not have direct control do not preclude your pledge either. Resources are available to support your efforts to persuade the people who control these investments to make them fossil free. 

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