09 February 2017

GA/GBN: Statement from Green America on Trump’s Executive Order

by  | Feb 6, 2017
Green America stands strongly against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. We are proud to partner with the American Sustainable Business Council to ensure that businesses and employers can raise their voices in opposition.
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The ban on travel and immigration, which initially included valid visa and green card holders, and applied to seven predominantly Muslim countries, unjustly targets Muslims. Discriminating against individuals based on religion and national origin is fundamentally un-American.
America is already great—because we are a nation of immigrants. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, especially for businesses able to tap into a diverse employment pool to compete in the global marketplace. Since the founding of our country, immigrants have brought their talents and fresh perspectives, promoting strong communities and a strong economy.
Anti-discrimination policy exists today to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Simply put, President Trump’s order is in direct conflict with how we run our businesses, and is not how America operates. We reject discriminatory actions; we respect people irrespective of their religion and we seek broad-based prosperity for all Americans.
This ban is dangerous and fundamentally disruptive to society and the economy. President Trump has created a culture of fear and uncertainty that ultimately hurts our communities, families, and the marketplace.
We believe we can achieve both safety for ourselves and safety for those fleeing crisis or conflict in their home countries. We welcome all immigrants seeking opportunity.
Green America’s Green Business Network is proud to join the growing number of businesses from a wide range of sectors in opposition to Trump’s executive order on immigration. We stand for diversity, which is crucial to our country’s continued prosperity and innovation. Raise your business voice, and tell the Administration that you oppose the immigration ban.
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(Source: http://www.greenbusinessnetwork.org/statement-from-green-america-on-trumps-executive-order/)

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