14 December 2016

GA/GBN: Hold Corporations Accountable with The Shareholder Action Guide

by Scott Kitson | Nov 15, 2016

We know we can make a big difference for people and the planet through our financial decisions and actions. As a green business leader, your impact could go even further if you own direct company stock. Green America is proud to promote The Shareholder Action Guide from our partners at As You Sow, and to offer you a 25% discount.
Purchase The Shareholder Action Guide
Here are some easy steps you can take:
  • Have a checking and savings accounts with a community development bank or credit union instead of a mega-bank helps strengthen our neighborhoods and those in need.
  • Use a green credit card rather than a conventional card supports community development and the mission of groups like Green America.
  • Choose socially and environmentally responsible mutual funds, including fossil free funds, supports better businesses.
If you’ve already checked off these first three tips, and own direct company stock (not mutual funds), consider becoming a shareholder activist. Get started with The Shareholder Action Guide, which is available for purchase for only $14.95.

As a shareholder, you are a part-owner of the companies in which you invest. That power gives you the responsibility and voice to change company practices. These practices could be about issues affecting human rights, labor rights, the environment, and much more.

The Shareholder Action Guide is a great read – informative, inspiring, and you don’t need to understand financial jargon to see how to be an active shareholder.

Green America has partnered with our colleagues at As You Sow to offer you a 25% percent discount on the book. You can order your copy today for only $14.95 with the code green25.

(Source: http://www.greenbusinessnetwork.org/hold-corporations-accountable-with-the-shareholder-action-guide/)

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